Here & Now (Greater Things)


Door: David van den Heuvel

©2018 DoorBrekers Worship, CCLI: 7113927


As You spoke
The mountains moved
The waters split in two
Nations bow
For Your Name
Lord of all the earth

Greater things to be done
Greater songs to be sung for Your glory
We sing for Your glory
Your kingdom will come
This nation will sing of Your glory
We’ll sing of Your glory

The Father spoke
You stepped out
Walked upon the sea
Healing hurt
Loving us
The Father’s heart revealed

The blind will see, the lame will walk
The dead will rise, the silent talk
Of Your unending grace
Of Your unending grace

The nations rise, the mountains bow
Your praise resounds right here and now
We lift up our praise
We lift up our praise

When you spoke
The earth obeyed
The water turned to wine
Here and now
The same power
Alive in us today